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MicroBlog: Twitter-length Ponderings, Groanings, Ramblings & Misgivings...

The unfolding of human history is unimaginably vast and complex. Thankfully, from time to time I enjoy a brief flash of clarity and insight into some vexing issue or another. That's when I find it helpful to jot down my ponderings and work them into a somewhat presentable form.

The items below would probably appear on my Twitter/X account if I had the strength of character to ignore those dang "Following/Follower" numbers. Alas, I do not (see "WARNING TO SELF" at the bottom of this page).


C.S. Lewis wrote, "There is a kind of happiness and wonder that makes you serious. It is too good to waste on jokes." I know exactly what he means. For me, a "respectful contrarian" to the core, this little MicroBlog page is a deeply happy, pleasurable and satisfying mini-pursuit.

Newest material is on top, so I recommend reading this page from the bottom up.

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Curtis R. Olson
Minneapolis, USA

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(Last updated: June 11, 2024)

Them: "That doesn't mean what it says!" Me: "I dassn't be quarreling with the plain statements of Scripture."

Petulant social media theo-brawlers -- wise in their own eyes, swift to slander and accuse -- seem hell-bent on utterly missing the point.

Pro tip: Politely decline all surveys, petitions and “complementary” dinner/sales events. Aggressively reject all lunatic struggle sessions.

To labor diligently in this present darkness, within one's gifts and calling, is neither defeatism nor pietism. Ignore the hecklers.

"Love thy neighbor" is the new siren call of phony "Christian" pressure groups on the left and the right. Beware their yoke of bondage.

Do not blame the Bride. These are the repentant ones, pilgrims on the narrow way. They have no authority over the majority.

Gender-Queer Privilege: 1) Imagine moral mayhem. 2) Brazenly defile every proper boundary of the Tao. 3) Bask in the applause of demons.

Woke Privilege: 1) Imagine stolen virtue. 2) Bitterly denounce every sane reality as "oppression." 3) Bask in the applause of fools.

“WAKE UP, YOU SAPS!!! GET OUT THERE AND (insert any shrill, moralistic, browbeating command here)!!!”

There is hope for all my cringe.

This plague of locusts might be unstoppable. But we must, at least, defy the lie that compels us to call them butterflies.

Indecency. Incoherence. Injustice. Moral inversion. All these are now settled public policy. Drink deep, my soul, of this sweet consolation.

Plausible hunch: Most US elites howling about "OUR DEMOCRACY!" have already secured their place in the coming techno-tyranical oligarchy.

"Mathematics is white supremacy!" Thus do tedious woke buffoons insult every "person of color" who has ever counted their toes.

Today's noxious woke-scolds have this in common with 17th-century slave traders: They condemn the innocent without cause.

Tweet not. Reply not. Thus you may, perhaps, avoid Twitter's twin scourges: empty praise and pointless strife.

To heed righteous reproof is wisdom. To heed insolent bellyaching is folly. To know the difference is sweet liberty.

Reason, adrift in the Universe: "I demand empirical proof that your sky-god exists!" Reason, anchored securely: "Sorry, dude."

Child of God, it is not yours to beg pardon for His eternal decrees. Let those who would chide the Almighty take their quarrel to Him.

A shape with four corners is not, and never can be, a circle. This despite fierce outrage from "rectangle-rights" activists.

Tough-guy alpha-male poseurs and savage feminist saboteurs have this in common: Harems of soft beta-male sycophants to nourish them.

Abusive employers and abusive union zealots have this in common with all abusers: Their ambitions will come to nothing.

Deadly confidence: "Thank God I am more righteous than that man." Do not flatter yourself, my soul, lest you die.

"Faithful and True" is the gold standard for civil authority. But silver would suffice until then, if we could find any.

Respectful submission to lawful authority under God? Of course. But preening politicians and utopian dreamers deserve derision.

Kindness and due regard toward others? Always. But do not yield to bullies and grievance hustlers or they will own you.

I lament my bent for "place-seeking," O Lord, with its chomping and fretting. Grant me the sweet abandon of Your cannon fodder.

May 28, 2012 - AUSCHWITZ - Sobered by the ruins of Nazi conceit, I fear to cluck my own proud tongue.

Take heart, awkward believer. You will one day be a noble pillar in the temple of God. A perfect fit at last!

Studiously avoid religious show-offs and scorekeepers. They have their feeble reward. Do not admire. Do not imitate.

Preacher at the June 2011 funeral of an 18-month-old: "God did not will for this child to die." Small God. Small comfort.

US Republicans: Total State feigned as freedom. US Democrats: Total State feigned as fairness. Same aim. Despise both lies.

Baseline budgeting... the mother of all frauds and the lifeblood of Total State. No politician dares to speak its name.

Total State... the grandest of pagan cults. Its high priests? Elected officials. Its prophets? The media. Its burnt offering? You.

Financial mischief, in nickels & dimes or in trillions, is death to paupers, merchants and emperors alike.

The nations rage. The rulers plot folly and destruction. What can one person do?

Rebels at the bottom. Rebels at the top. Rebels everywhere between. This is the madness of the nations.

WARNING TO SELF: Social media is the new "graven image" for millions. They feed on ashes.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." - C.S. Lewis, God In The Dock